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Delta Gamma Fraternity

Zeta Delta Chapter at University of Rochester

Welcome! As president of the Zeta Delta chapter, I am proud to introduce you to our members. It is difficult to put words to such a diverse group of strong, intelligent, and passionate women. Although no two Delta Gammas can be described the same, we are all connected by our unique bond of friendship and our desire to “Do Good” in the world.

The Delta Gamma motto, “Do Good,” is representative of the greater purpose behind all that we do. The motivation behind much of Zeta Delta’s academic success is the hope to someday make a difference in the world through career fields, such as medicine, engineering, and computer science, to name a few. Many members also seek to pursue our individual passions in a number of ways. We are involved in extracurricular organizations on campus, including student government, community service, athletics, performance groups, and honor societies. Our members also take on leadership positions as residential assistants and teaching assistants, serving as role models and sources of information for their peers. However, Zeta Delta’s impact reaches beyond the U of R campus into the greater Rochester community. Our philanthropic pursuits benefit three programs: Service for Sight, the Golden Anchor Program, and Joining Forces. Many of our community service opportunities include hosting the Anchor Games fundraiser each semester, participating in the Joining Forces gif wrapping event with the Full Circle Home, volunteering at the Rochester Episcopal Home, and assisting members of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired on a weekly basis.

In addition to its guiding principle and philanthropic pursuits, Delta Gamma has given each of us the gift of friendship. The love that our members share for one another, everyday, is unlike anything I have experienced before joining this chapter. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by a group of women who inspire me and one another with their unique talents, passions, and hard-earned successes, and more so, with their commitment to encouraging other members to pursue their own endeavors. Through this, Delta Gamma helps its members gain the confidence and support they need to put forward the best versions of themselves in all that they do. As we push one another to live up to our greatest potentials and step out of our comfort zones to make a greater impact on our campus or community, the Fraternity provides us all with a sense of security, a safe place to fall back on.

It comes as no surprise to Zeta Delta members that life does not always pave an easy path to success. We face many challenges along the way to achieving our goals, whether that be as students, competing against the U of R’s rigorous curriculum, or as individuals, preparing for life after college. Delta Gamma has brought together a community of women who are there to stand by one another through it all: offering support in the face of adversity, celebrating one anothers’ successes, and sharing in all of life’s small moments and milestones along the way, both now and well beyond our college years.

Although the time we have with the Zeta Delta chapter is short, its impact will be everlasting.

We hope this website helps paint a picture of everything that makes the Zeta Delta chapter who we are and what makes our sisterhood so special. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime!


For Hope. For Strength. For Life.

Taylor Niziak

President of Delta Gamma

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